4.75" Flutter Spoon
2 colors available

The Striper Sniper® Flutter Spoon is stamped from premium brass then nickel plated for a mirror-like finish.  This paper thin Flutter Spoon is designed to troll with lead core line, downriggers, or other depth control device.  Troll one at a time or attach to a double rig with a bucktail in front.  This allows the spoon to flutter back and forth behind the bucktail with unbelievable action that attracts all types of gamefish.  All Flutter Spoons come with a VMC 3X Strong Treble Hook and matching VMC 3X Strong Single Hook for versatility. 

  • Small (3.75") - Similar to Sutton 88
  • Large (4.75") - Similar to Sutton 06

If you fished with Suttons in the past, give Striper Sniper® Spoons a try!

Price: $5.99


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