We make light tackle striper fishing more enjoyable and productive for all anglers.



Striper Sniper Adventures, a successful fishing guide service, was founded in 2003 by Troy Roberson.  The guide service promoted conservation, sportsmanship, and the fishing industry while helping anglers catch the challenging and ever-elusive striped bass.  Troy quickly became recognized as a subject matter expert and has been featured on television as well as numerous fishing publications. 

In 2010, Troy made a decision to bring his extensive knowledge of striper fishing to the tackle industry when he founded Striper Sniper Tackle.  Following the same success of the guide service, Striper Sniper has quickly established itself as a brand that fisherman recognize and trust.  This can only be achieved by someone with 30+ years of striper-fishing experience who also understands the complex inner-workings of the industry.



The Lemon Lime Snake Worm has a long history that dates back at least 25 years and possibly even longer.  Many striper fisherman will be surprised to know this worm was first made by Morgan Bait Company in Winston Salem, NC.  It was sold under the name "Hawg Caller" and the color name was "Homer."  Some fisherman to this day still refer to the Lemon Lime color as "Homer."  It was originally designed to be used as a trailer with the popular Hawg Caller Spinnerbaits, but striper fisherman quickly realized it's potential as a bucktail trailer.

However, the Hawg Caller worm had one disadvantage when it came to striper fishing.  Many die-hard fisherman wanted a wider tail so it could provide more swimming action when trolled at slow speeds.  Around 1990, a group of fisherman convinced Bass Brothers Tackle in Wilson, NC to make a replica mold with a wider tail.  This improved worm would become one of Bass Brothers best selling products for many years to come.  Since Bass Brothers was a wholesale manufacturer, they sold their products to other companies who repackaged the baits for resell.  Bass Brothers continued to make quality soft plastic baits until they closed for business in 2010.

Troy had several conversations with Bass Brothers to discuss purchasing the famous Snake Worm mold.  The clear decision was to make a brand new production mold to the same specifications due to improved technology over the past 25 years.